JK Exclusive TH-9D-B M. Müller (Mouthpiece for Baritone)



Mouthpiece for Baritone*

„The 9D-B M. Müller with its heavier outer shape has an easy response, especially in the high register. This greatly benefits endurance. In addition, the full and balanced sound inspires from the low to the high register.“
Michael Müller

Available since: April 2023

  • Full and balanced sound
  • Reinforced exterior shape
  • Baritone shaft
  • Medium deep cup
  • Rim Ø: 38.0 mm
  • Cup Ø: 25.0 mm
  • Bore: 6.0 mm
  • Silver-plated

Including VAT, Shipping costs

* Sale and shipping by Michael Müller

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