JK Exclusive EU 6AL M. Müller (Mouthpiece for Euphonium)



Mouthpiece for Euphonium*

„Choosing the right cup is essential for the euphonium. For me, the slightly modified cup of the 6AL makes playing the euphonium much easier. The reinforced outer shape ensures a full, warm and dark sound that I am 100% convinced of. The two mouthpieces complement each other very well and allow me to switch effortlessly between baritone and euphonium.“
Michael Müller

Available since: April 2023

  • Full, warm and dark sound
  • Reinforced outer shape
  • Very deep cup
  • Rim Ø: 39.0 mm
  • Cup Ø: 25.75 mm
  • Bore: 7.4 mm
  • Silver-plated

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* Sale and shipping by Michael Müller

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