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BRASSTRAIL – Personal Workbook is a method book for baritone, euphonium & tenor horn. It is aimed at motivated musicians that want to perfect their technical abilities and take a further step forward. The workbook offers a mix of selected exercises, solo etudes and well-known solo pieces. The Art of Brass Playing covers many single areas. Brasstrail is intended to cover a wide area of skills related to brass playing, such as finger technique, tonguing and flexibility and connects these areas with one another.

The book offers good self-reflection of the practice process by giving the opportunity to plan one’s practice sessions autonomously. On your journey through the Brass Trail you will encounter various stations and challenges. At each station, you will find helpful advice to help you improve.

Level of Difficulty:
intermediate / hard

Edition German/English, 88 pages

You want to know what the etudes & pieces sound like?
You enjoy playing with piano accompaniment?
Then we have something for you!
Our Bundle: Method book & Playalongs (Treble clef) or Method book & Playalongs (Bass clef)


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